Mower Maintenance 

By punching (or plugging) holes throughout your lawn, Core Aeration helps to loosen our compacted clay soils, allowing air, water, and fertilizer to penetrate to the roots.  This results in reduced thatch build-up, improved water absorption, and a better response to your lawn care program.  Lawns benefit from Core Aeration every Spring and Fall. 

Core Aeration

Extra Services

Spraying of weeds and/or grass in rock beds, gravel driveways, field or pasture grasses and other areas of your landscape.  You can choose from “non-selective”  (kills everything)  “selective”  (kills just broadleaf weeds)  “pre-emergence”  (helps prevent weed seeds from germinating – works in rock beds only)  Some situations require a combination of all of the above.

Mower Maintenance Services are performed



Longmont (303)772-2827

Boulder     (303)442-1074

Canadian Thistle

Off Lawn Grass and Weed Control


Mower Tracks through Ascochyta Leaf Blight of Turf

Fungicide Treatments

Most turf fungus and diseases are cultural in nature and will improve with a change in weather or cultural practices.  (IE: Proper mowing and watering.)  In some cases though, fungicide treatments are necessary to aid in the recovery of the turf.  Some turf areas with chronic disease will benefit from fungicide treatments.  Fungicide treatments will usually cost about the same as your ‘per application’ lawn service price.


Lawn Doctor’s Lawn Mower Maintenance Program provides customers with an annual preventative maintenance service for their lawn mowers with the convenience Lawn Doctor can  provide.

•Convenient-We pick up and deliver
•Better results from Lawn Doctor’s lawn care services: Sharp blade, proper height, etc.
•Preventative maintenance protects your investment
•Good maintenance assures trouble-free operation during the season.
•Preventative Maintenance cost less than repairs.

All of this for as little as:
•Walk-Behind Mowers $99.00
•Ride-On Mowers $149.00

If upon inspection, additional service or repairs are necessary, customers will be notified

Service areas: Longmont, Mead, Firestone, Frederick, Dacono, Erie, Niwot,

Gunbarrel, Lyons, Berthoud,Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville and Superior..